Discovering sustainable transport options with KULKURI calculator

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With the KULKURI calculator developed by the Finnish Environment Institute, anyone can easily calculate the costs of transport without owning a car. The tool also calculates climate emissions produced by different transport options.

Alternative transport options include, for example, leasing a car, sharing a car, public transport, different services combining different methods of transport, city bikes as well as different combinations of these transport options.

It is possible to lead a car-free lifestyle

“It is very possible to lead a car-free lifestyle, provided that one lives in the city and does not need a car for commuting. Such a lifestyle is economical, carefree and environmentally friendly. However, if a car is needed on a weekly basis, owning a car is most likely the more economical option,” says researcher Jáchym Judl from the Finnish Environment Institute.

For example, if a hypothetical family of four living in Helsinki does not own a car but regularly uses a car about once a month for travelling to the cabin, for instance, the transport costs of the family are lower than the costs of owning an electric car. The emissions created by the family are also on the same level as the costs of travelling by an electric car.

“By using the automotive calculator created by the Finnish Climate Change Panel, it is possible to calculate how much owning a car really costs. One can then calculate the costs of living without owning a car by using the KULKURI calculator. The results can be quite eye-opening. KULKURI helps us to understand that a life without owning a car is possible, even though a life without any car journeys might not be possible,” Judl says.

Rising supply of transport services

According to Judl, the field of shared vehicle services is constantly evolving and growing in Finland and the rest of the world. Leasing a car is more flexible and economical than before and there are increasingly more leasing companies out there. A peer-to-peer model where private car owners lease out their own vehicles to others is also increasing. In addition, the popularity of city bikes is on the rise in Finland as well.

“Leading a car-free lifestyle can be possible for many people, provided they are willing to adjust their lifestyle a little. This is beneficial for the environment, the bank account as well as for one’s own health,” Judl points out.

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