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Taimet mullassa
Wise land use solutions bring considerable climate benefits 2020-12-21
Municipalities and regions can cut back their climate emissions and strengthen their carbon sinks through climate-friendly agriculture and forestry practices and land use solutions. The most recent publications by the Canemure product compile the best practices of the land use sector.
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Lappeenranta satama
Lappeenranta and South Karelia seeking to become role models in climate work 2020-12-21
The Canemure project is part of the long-term climate strategy of the South Karelia region and the City of Lappeenranta as well as their goal of becoming role models in climate-wise operations.
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Katunäkymä Turusta
Building a lush, green city in Turku 2020-12-21
The City of Turku aims to be carbon neutral by 2029. The Blue-Green Factor is one of the many measures used in the city’s award-winning climate work to assess the climate sustainability of yard areas. The Canemure subproject in Turku promotes the systematic use of the Blue-Green Factor in urban construction.
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Raman meriteollisuuspuisto
Rauma companies see their consumption in real time – one third of emissions eliminated 2020-12-21
Rauman Meriteollisuuskiinteistöt analyses the electricity, district heating and water consumption of its tenants. Knowing the consumption of the real estate helps discover savings.
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Published 2019-05-10 at 12:29, updated 2020-03-25 at 13:34
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