Climate indicators of municipalities and regions

As part of the Canemure project, the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke) has compiled various indicators relating to energy and transport for Finnish municipalities and regions. Alongside greenhouse gas emissions, these indicators help monitor the progress of municipal and regional climate work.

Syke has compiled information on the following indicators:

  • Final energy consumption
  • Oil consumption for energy production
  • Consumer electricity, housing
  • Residential buildings' heating energy consumption
  • Capacity and production of solar power
  • Capacity and production of wind power
  • Number and floor area of buildings using geothermal heating
  • Number of passenger cars and their average emissions
  • Number and shares of electric, plug-in hybrid and gas cars
  • Number of charging stations and gas filling stations

We recommend using full-screen mode for an easier browsing experience of the climate indicators. You can move to full-screen mode by clicking on the double arrow button in the lower-right corner of the Power BI window, or by clicking on the link below it.

Note! No new data will be updated in the Power BI service as the publication method of the climate indicators is being developed during 2024.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvement relating to the report, our contact details are at the end of the page.

More information

Power BI publication and development, feedback

  • Venla Riekkinen, Coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke),

Emissions and energy indicators

  • Santtu Karhinen, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke),
  • Johannes Lounasheimo, Senior Specialist, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke),

Solar power

  • Eija Ferreira, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke),

Transport indicators

  • Eija Ferreira, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke),
  • Johanna M Mäkinen, Researcher, Tampere University (Tuni),
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